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Best of E3 2016 Trailers

Thanks in great part to Brendah Keogh, instead of my normal article this week, I decided to do a “must-watch” of E3 2016 article, showcasing all the videos that people have been talking about this week (and will continue to talk about for the rest of the month). I haven’t included every game at the show (there were dozens) so if you want a more comprehensive list, check out something like IGN’s Best of 2016 Awards. Game Informer also their own great indie game roundup (you won’t find many indies here, sorry).

Hideo Kojima is back, and in a crazy way. No one really knows what this game is about, but it has hints of both magic and technology. People are trying to puzzle out the symbolism in the video – such as the stranded sea critters surrounding the digital representation of actor Norman Reedus. Kojima conceded that the strands are like cords, such as the umbilical cord attached to Reedus.

Kratos is getting a major facelift (well, mostly just a new beard) in what’s almost a reimagining of the God of War franchise. We’ll see a peaceful, emotional, and wise Kratos coming face to face with the world of Norse mythology. We have yet to find out what role his son will play – but it promises to be a great story.

Enjoy the experience of being Batman, now in VR. Also, Mark Hamill as the Joker.

One of the biggest franchises of the week, Battlefield 1 brings the furious fighting of modern FPS titles back from the future to the early 20th century

This flew (pun semi-intended) under the radar a bit this year, but the game looks fairly solid, and hopefully will scratch that dragon-riding itch. The dialogue is mildly uncomfortable.

We finally get to see some ReCore gameplay after last year’s teaser video.

Just watch the video. I wasn’t excited for this game until now, but it adds some vague lore to what is a bit of a crazy concept: Samurai vs Vikings vs Knights.

Probably the hottest title of the show, Nintendo finally is giving us the LoZ title we’ve been waiting for since Skyward Sword (arguably even longer).

The magic at Rare is finally back. This action adventure battler promises awesome co-op craziness in a huge sandbox environment.

A lot of people really like Horizon Zero Dawn. While it doesn’t scratch my fancy, it’s a big game with lots of different systems that has you going on quests and hunting down beast-like machines with a bow.

Watch Dogs 2, Final Fantasy XV, and Pokemon Sun & Moon all look near-to-complete, and also had great showings.

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